There are times when I sit in my car and watch
The world move independent of me
Like a documentary on a TV screen. I see

The world as one, disengaged and remote.
Things are silent and just happen.
Random yet interdependant.

Trees twitch and cars move and clouds float,
People walk past each other in their own worlds.
And it all happens without me.

I’m detached.
Where am I looking from?
Where are they now?

Does each participant
Know only their own world?

Have I achieved something
By being able to watch them all?

It’s a delicious feeling.
Unconcerned. Not responsible.

Quiet. Calm. Placid.
But unable to impact.
Like being a ghost perhaps.

But I’m able to be
Anything I want to be
By being outside.

Not making reference.
And the clouds are so beautiful.
My life shall be like that.

Formed by things not subject to some format.
Taking shape according
To an unseen force that knows right.


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