I defy the dark
And see with eyes wide open
That this life is rich.

All I need is here
If I would just concede that
I starve to be fed.

But I myself am
As I try not to deny
The man that would be.

As the storm blows strong
And I bow to take the strain,
I stand and know peace.

Others cry with me
And laugh at the irony
Of such small gestures.

But mutual sight,
And in moving together,
We light the darkness.

Common dilemmas.
And alone we spend our pain.
Singular joy.

And sadness of course.
As wonder given to us.
Shines in the darkness.

Other’s light we see
But unless we think to know,
We love despite us.

So now Eden’s dead.
New man’s world is here instead.
We are such rich apes.

But we need to move
As one with the rest of  us
To learn to be still.

We don’t stand alone.
One life has many aspects.
Some are not our own.

Perhaps we’ll flourish.
But we may die in darkness,
In our brilliance.

Such dilemmas.


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