Reflection is a dangerous thing.
It sits like a sack full of scatter bombs
Around our shoulders.

Now is the only truth.
Born of the past
And frightened of the future
If we consider too much.

But the frozen moment that we live
Holds all that we need to know.
Sadness is gone now
And hope is yet to be born.

Live now and see that life is form
And our soul can sit
In judgement and make
This life to be our own.

As we will one day be judged
By ourselves or someone
Outside of the rush that distracts
And makes us weep.

Permanent sleep is
Outside of the dream.

It sees what we know
If only we knew.

But it really is there
For us to see and to know.

Just deal with the moment
And its richness will sow

The seeds of wisdom
And calm being.


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