Darkness now creeps

Darkness now creeps
At the end of the day
Towards my house.
A shadow of shadows
Moving slowly to change

Trees become gaunt
And rooms full of dark places.
The quiet is sinister.
Not the quiet of the town
But the quiet of the fields.
Damp and still.

And I sit here and think
And watch my life lapped
By darkness like an ocean
On an unknown shore.

What use is there in brightness
If it isn’t seen?
To be a place unknown
Is to be alone and vice a versa.

Some busker plays loud
In the city and with soul
But still isn’t heard truly.

Islands are islands
Surrounded by wet cold water
Wherever they are.

If we were boats we could drift free
Over the water and laugh
At the irony of it all.

But it’s our nature to take the bruising.
It’ll pass and we’ll stand proud one day
In silver smooth life having stood our ground
And cried unyielding to prove our worth.



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