I saw you once perhaps

Ephemeral maybe but there
On the other side of the street
Across the shining tarmac
Past butterfly windows

I saw you walking in the crowd.
But then like a cloud you
Changed and vanished.
Perhaps were never there.

So I turned my head and stayed walking
Against the crowd.
And faced the stoney faced people
Moving anonymous like fish.

Moment passed.
And those unblinking lights
Shined on wet pavements
And the roiling clouds

Rolled fat belly down across shining roofs.
And people walked past unseeing.
I watched detached.
It’s something to be alone.

Good and bad on the outside.
Ostentatious windows like
Vain butterflies showed themselves
But their motives were suspect.

Making me lust for its own sake
After illusions and tricksy tools
Designed to fool me into making
Something of me that I’m not.

I would have liked you to notice
That I stood apart from the crowd.
Am the real thing.
Perhaps I didn’t and am not.

Perhaps you saw me as I see them.
I would prefer then to float away.
To rise and drift between roiling thunder
And mindless masses.

Seeing both and you
And being part of the wind.


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