And so I ponder

And so I ponder the why of my life
And I talk to theirs and cry with them
And it comes clear that we don’t know.
To provide for our children is an oft heard cause
But why I ask should I devote my life
To helping them see the same questions?

Round and round this would go if I don’t find a way
To break away free and see
A way that answers questions.
It’s not my children’s duty. They look to me.
I have one life like a passing storm,
Full of wind and thunder and great events on my scale,

That should bend me like a tree to learn something.
I live only now like a flower that opens to the sun
And accepts the rain when it happens.

A thing of the moment that should acquire the weight
Of the scales of experience.
But not be weighed down.

Rather grow in substance and know.
As the life that we see pops into existence
On the whim of some collective mind.

As a drop of water forms part of an ocean
And screams its own identity as it dies
In some greater collective power that is God.

We should see this phenomenon in our everyday lives
And know the illusions for what they are.

The nature of us is as all else.
Ephemeral and transient.

Some whim of the mind of a God that wants us to know him
As the whole needs the knowing and the love of it’s constituent parts.

As we move on through thundercloud shadows
And glowing green growth that shimmers with life,
We play a part in a kaleidoscope of playful
Particulate fantasy of the moment
That is mostly of our own making.

And when we die we move back down
To that that sallow sea of parts that seeks to rejoin
Our ego with the main flow of life that is always.
Then hopefully we will have learned something
To add to the general pool.

One day we’ll rise as the one that we are
In one crystal harmonious note that sings
At the right frequency
And resonates with all that is.


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