I’ll fly too

You gracious bird that flies and swoops
Through clear ways that give such view
Of all our lives down here on solid ground.

You cry so loud as you dive and take
The lives of lesser folk living their way
In quiet certitude.

Is it glee that makes you shriek triumphantly?
Perhaps the lives of us earthbound sorts
Are worth less than your kind that soar

And see and know every move we make
To escape your shrewd eye.
You defy and spy our every move.

But I still believe that my life
Is more to me than yours to you.
So let me be and let me fly my way

And add to the world that man may be
And sigh in awe
And in harmony.

Except true union needs that you must kill
Me and my kind and I’m condemned to move
And hide in my slow way.

To try and live another short day.
For I am small and you have grace,
Size and understanding.

Let everyone know that the world we know
Belongs to you birds who see
Our great pretence of being what we’re not.

You Greek gods that float so languid
And smirk at our slow squirm down here.
Please see that we are part of a brotherhood.

As I die for you please give me thanks
That I play my part in your sweet life.

As I become you,
I’ll fly there through
Those careless clouds too.



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