Level opposites

As matter is energy that coalesces
To form the universe we know,
So is thought that sees the same
And yet by virtue
Of some power called choice
Makes division.

We’re pulled together and forced apart
By opposing thought and instinct,
Like a centrifugal force, opposing unity.
And as we seek a common goal,
A flat green field where all can play,
So more the world just tips away.

There’s some division
Between a man’s ideal
And a man’s ideal
That’s a sure consequence
Of trying to level opposites.

The bigger one side of the coin,
The bigger the other.

And circles within circles at every scale
Manifest the same tension,

The more complex we make our fine machine,
The more complex becomes the resistance.

The resistant inertia that draws us back
To make a more natural state.

And like a centrifuge the parts
Spin out and find their own place.
Like oil and water,
They’ll make their own space.

So it is that as we see
The world more as one,
So each of us tries to run and hide
And find the place that’s theirs.

The proxy spirit that is man
Must love itself and won’t give sway.

As each ourselves will always know
To stand up proud and say
That our own path is the only true way.


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