Snow screen

Snow blows across my screen
As I careen balletically  through
Swirling grey and white and blue.

There was that woman I knew once
That like you could swerve and curve
And taunt my sensibilities.

And there was that child I knew
Who grew and slid
From beyond my view.

And there was that good thing I knew
I did for you and for others
Which melted away and went unnoticed.

And I cried too much
And I drank too much
And I lusted too much
And I believed too much
And I argued too much
And I wanted too much.
And I mistook religion for truth.

And failed to look inside enough,
To see the quiet reality that
Could have set me free.

I missed the lesson.

And now in slow motion I careen across
This sliver of road and the gloom
Is always ten feet deep

As trees and posts and cows and things swerve past
Going round me unbelievably fast
And then there’s a shock and silence.

And almost nothing.
But not quite.

And now I see too much
In this still, dark night.



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