There was a time that I remember well.
When we used to carry small children laughing
Loud in the shimmering sun
Over soft sand that yielded and made our only challenge.
And then as we grew old things changed
And children’s laughter became
Something more rare.
As those who controlled our lives began to complain.
We weren’t paying our way.
Apparently, whatever that means.
And my last child cried as he said goodbye to me
Not knowing how his passing
Sentiment meant so much to me.
Because we all knew that our life
Was over now and new a way was to reign.
Small entertainment that was all the same
On everyone’s machine.
So why should a mere donkey seem
Worth the while.
But I know my life was worthwhile.
As children laughed and thrilled their small glee
Riding me down Blackpool beach.
And I made many memories
That console unhappy people
In their contrived lives.
As they remember something more real.
To be a donkey it seems
Carries so much more appeal
Than being some poor human
In some relentless wheel of commercial

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