Fly time

So we turned a corner tyres squealing,
Into a tree lined avenue
From a back road lined with beggars.

And as we cruised along
Everyone smiled at us and looked very gracious.

We sought a place to park
But all the spaces were taken
And I laughed and said how typical that was.

He smiled too.
So we continued to cruise
Through the smiling people to
Where they started to grin
And even to leer.
And to sneer.
Here we were in the wrong car.

A quick left turn took us down a narrowing alley
That was hung with art and frustration
Which was fascinating.

Until we arrived at a roundabout.
And then we had to decide.
So we carried on straight across
Being afraid to change without good reason.

The buildings grew tall on either side
And the people became few
And soon we were driving

Through a silent place that held great power.
Silent and foreboding.

Never mind. A quick right turn
Took us back to humanity
Even though it seemed
More jocular than usual.

And the calling crowds knew what they wanted.
Or so they thought.
And some stones bounced off our windscreen
As we were seen to be
People too considering.

He turned right again.
I’d have turned left.
God stood there watching in the middle.

We soon left him behind.
We would have done so either way.
And the further we moved, the less people smiled.

We spun round to return the way we’d come
And as we crossed the familiar crossroads
God smiled on our right.

Further on the buildings grew level
And the trees all looked the same.
And the people smiled no more nor no less
Than they did the other way.

I looked at him and he looked at me
And we both decided then to fly
Upwards into the third economic dimension

Where the heights that had seemed so important
Become part of a two dimensional landscape.
Less fogged by vested obfuscation.

We were seen. By those down there
Who knew how to grow wings and fly up.

And as they flew, so we saw others grow wings,
And fly up into the air to join us
In a new view that looked down on the crumbling
Buildings as they folded and collapsed
Because there was no longer anyone there to see them.

Like a flock of butterflies they rose up into the sunlit air
From the smog of betrayal.
They didn’t soar. They scattered amongst each other
And saw each other from up and down
And hitherto unknown perspectives,
And realised each other as similar with shared needs.

As the city fell to dust below them
And the hegemonists screamed the last vestiges
Of their pride away.

A new world became born
Where all butterflies are equally beautiful
And can spread their wings.
And fly up or down or left or right
Because all could fly.


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  1. #1 by crankycaregiver on March 17, 2013 - 11:43 pm

    Beautiful job..scary in one part and a great ending! I really enjoyed this!

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