Depression view

When is depression a beguiling excuse
For expression?

Why do things seem clearer from
A lower perspective?

As though the sun throws bigger shadows
From down here.

Or is this just a view like any other?

A longer shadow is just as good a view
As any other.

Is there a part of us that watches and discerns
The longer from the shorter and sees
How we fail to see?

I sometimes sit and watch life
Without involvement.
Slithering thing sliding past my window
As I sit unable to do anything
But watch.

And then I think differently
And the words come.

But fuck it.
What’s this all about?
Being a miserable sod is what.

All’s a game that passes by
With a clickety clackety resonance
Like a train that won’t stop.

It’s too big.

So just sit back and watch
And laugh if you can.
And stop thinking.
Just watch.
It doesn’t mean anything.


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