Religious dogma

Religion mocks me and makes me angry.
Faith that allows anything to be the truth.
We’re told to believe.
As if we’re incapable of
Otherwise conceiving anything profound.

Insight and understanding comes
From something inside
That gives us grace to understand
And to turn and look at those who strive
To know more and struggle.

To say that you’re right and I’m wrong
Is contrary to true understanding
Of the nature of the solution.
Rationality plays a part
And may even be the only way.

Each insight is our own.
Quietly accept that and don’t presume
To be right.
We don’t know.

But give room to those who claim to know.
Quietly and with gentle understanding
Of their need to believe they’re right.
And then continue to live your life
Illuminated by your own light.

And when you die, you’ll rise
To some place and be able to wave
To those others who are also rising
Up there through the shimmering fog
In their own way.



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