No deity

What a tiny thing I am.
The sum of a few interactions between
Fundamental parts of a universe
That we only begin to understand.

A small agglomeration of matter contrived
Such that it’s able to see it’s circumstance.


No. A natural result of a process
Of refinement of all that it is
That comes to know that it is.

And in that tiny aggregation of effect
Lies an awareness in us that sees
What’s happening.

And this is the miracle of intelligence.

It’s not about God.
It’s about what is.
If you insist to me
That there is a God
Then I say that we are God.

In a universe that comprises nothing more
Than sub, sub and sub components of matter
That resolve as energy and nothing more,

The fact that there’s awareness obviously states
That there is something more.

And it’s you and I that are aware.

There’s a common force
Which we constitute,
And that may be God.

But we are not subject to
Any external control.
The responsibility is ours.

And when we experience what we believe to be God,
We’re knowing a momentary commonality
Of consciousness. A shared experience.

There is no other way that God could possibly manifest
As a force that gives us so much freedom.

We are God.


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