Cloud heart


So flying was I past blossoming white clouds
As I soared and soared and soared
Through blue space,

Through my life clear
And upwards
To darkening blue as stars began to shine.

Then my breath grew thin
And the world turned self contained
Far beneath me.

An eye in a dispassionate face.

It was then that I’d seen too much.
The place of my world in the void.
The size of everything.

And my heart left me and stayed there,
Glorying in the glory of it all,
Whilst my mind started to fall.

And as the eye came nearer
I saw myself reflected in its blue.
An aberration in an otherwise flawless hue.

A spec in the eye of what’s true.

I came to land in a field of flowers
With solemn trees all about,
And on my back I looked back up
To a flat blue sky that had my heart
Hanging there,
Like a cloud.
Too aware
Of the dissonance.
Of the distance
Between its place
And mine.



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