Life river

Sitting ankle deep and trying to resist
The slide downhill through
Sticky clay forming itself to my shape,

I watched muddy water race past.
Seething surface curving up and down again.
Blistering fortune.

Bulging fortune.
Tempting fate.

Currents that take goggle eyed flotsam,
Astonished and watching down into depths
As blue sky blurs to swirling death.

This river flowed past me so sure.
With its bulging swells and pretty whirlpools.

Sitting in mud and bent grass,
Watching the inevitability of it all.

And so I stood up and wiped the clinging mud
From my legs.

And I plunged headlong into the writhing river,
And was carried away.

Gasping and striving for the hot blue sky.

Then the green and grey cold swirl
That carried me away
Swept across my face looking upwards
And watching glassy eyed birds watch me
With blank acceptance
Passing by.

I washed up then on a stony shore,
Where I was able to turn aching and see
The seething thing that had spawned me,
For what it was.

A brown green heaving thing
Born of the context that fed it,
Guided by the landscape that led it.

I was a by product.



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