I started writing poetry some years ago as a result of a crisis in my personal life, finding catharsis in it. And I just carried on. I write for myself. That is I enjoy other people reading what I write, but I write firstly to express myself. Whether poem, a snippet of fictional prose or an opinion on how the world works, writing it down externalises it for me.

I get something from reading the poems I’ve written. Some even affect me very deeply. I put them here just on the off chance that they affect some else too. I hope they do. They seem to spring from a single line that comes to mind, and when, some hours later, I look at what’s written, I’m often surprised.

A gentle word of warning… I hope it goes without saying that I’m grateful when I get a ‘like’ against anything I’ve written, and so I don’t feel obliged to acknowledge every such instance with a ‘thank you’. And I only ‘like’ other people’s work when I’m truly affected by it, and not just to grow links. To be truthful, although I write poetry, I don’t read much of it. I actually find poetry quite hard to read. For me though, writing it serves a purpose… as a device to externalise something. That’s why I do it. And of course, what I write resonates with me because I understand it.

But I don’t often get what other writers of poetry are saying. So I don’t often read it. So I’m more a transmitter, less a receiver. I’d be grateful if you acknowledged this and forgave my reluctance to visit your blog. I just write because I find myself doing it. And I share it just in case someone else might like it. That’s all. Take it or leave it, I wish you well either way.

David Kitching.


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