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Budapest bar

Well I watched you leave.
Even if no one else did.

Walking slightly too slowly perhaps,
Through the foggy small talk
Of gossip and football.

I don’t like it either.

You nested your hair
Into the exquisite nape
Of your neck

As you wrapped your scarf.

Then you left and ghosted alone
Into the cold dark.

If you’d turned to glance,
I would have smiled.


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I look at myself,
So silly.
Pot belly.
Floppy willy.
A body unused
And full of want
For what it doesn’t
Deserve. Ah that too!
But I’m too lazy and
Like food and beer.
And my bod does
think the same.

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Random comment

A moment then when
I wanted to kill myself,
But then a small light.

Some random comment
In a song that said
It’s a wonderful life.

Such things connect us
In a web of influence,
So be careful

What you say.

And when you’re lonely
Then listen and look.
We’re all around you.

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I drink too hard

I drink too hard
In torn deference to times lost
And fallen by the wayside.

Sinking spirit. Cheap as well.
Slinking down some road to hell
They say.

But now I’m in my own world
In some contentious way.
Sweating through my traumas
And beating them

With righteous venom.
I see now the truth
Of my fire.
But also see,

Through some quiet part of me
That sees and doesn’t speak,
That some truth is vain
And some is true.

The next days dawn
Will play with me and,
Still lacking clarity I’ll
Wonder how I knew so well

My true self glimpsed,
That knew my hell
For what it is
Now once more buried

Under mad reason
And stubborn fact
And life goes on

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Funny thing wine.

Red as blood it moves
Through the veins
Like a robber
Stealing your senses
And persuading you that
Life would be better
If it took up permanent residency.

Like a mother.

The bazooka of reason it
Commits treason
And leads you into
Ways that you
Wouldn’t normally follow.
Folly? No because I like it so
And can say what I feel. I think.

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