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There’s too much sunlight.
The sky’s too deep blue.
Air sits still and glutinous
and the birds have gone quiet.

Passing tourists are briefly loud though.
Towels worn like cloaks and
obligatory American baseball caps.
Their swearing spoils my contemplation

of the pale blue painted beams
of my ceiling. Cracked old powdery paint.
The tourists pass and that barking dog
and buzzing hedge trimmer

also fade to far away abstractions.
In this extended space I swap the universe
for a calmer place where sounds are
distant and soothing sleep creeps over me
like hot fog.



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If you were without cognisance of
or involvement in the human world,
but were aware of the wonders of the universe,

then you would be a supreme being.


If you were a supreme being
who’s existence depended upon
the cognisance of humans,

then you would be a contradiction in terms.



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I wrote some poetry tonight.
Yet my kitchen is knee deep in dirty dishes.
My painting lies unfinished upstairs
And if I had a bank manager anymore
He’d probably weep when he saw me.

And tonight I’ll sleep alone.

But my world is my own.
And as Diana Krall’s silky tones
Drape themselves across
My simple ills,

I find a warmth of sorts in solitude
Even in the sure knowledge that
I’m not alone.


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